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Below are some outfit ideas… different color combos, inspirations, accessories, shoes, etc..


Layers and texture look great in a photo. As with all design principals you apply when decorating your home, texture looks fabulous in photos.  By adding a blazer or fun scarf, not only does it make the picture look more complete, you can drop the layers toward the end of the shoot for a completely different look.


Have someone to have the stand out clothing in the photos. You can have them wear the accent color/print as the main color/print.  It mixes things up and can pull an entire look together.  Please remember to keep prints to a minimal and that they coordinate with others clothing.


Pick rich, fun, vivid colors to liven up the photo and add color to your face. They add depth and color to your picture.  You can also wear white, cream or black.  No pastels because they wash out in photos.


Decide your accent color and add that color into your jewelry, shoes, undershirts, scarf, tights and hair bows. It adds that extra flair you need to make for a fun, sassy picture.


In addition to these different clothing ideas you should consider thinking about any other props you might like to include… i.e. balloon, pumpkin, signage, a blanket, pillow, hats, etc…

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